All events take place at the Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science (map).

Recital Series:
Thursday, June 9 7:30pm Salon Recital featuring Jeffrey LaDeur (piano), Paul Sanchez (piano), Brandon Hendrickson (baritone), and strings from the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra.
Friday, June 11 7:30pm Tony Caramia
Saturday, June 11 7:30pm Albert Kim
Runout Recital:
Tuesday, June 7 8:00pm Jeffrey LaDeur Performs in Freeman at the Salem Zion Mennonite Church. Tickets available at the door ($15 adults, $8 students).
Seminar Series:
Friday, June 10 12-1pm Albert Kim – Musical Sentences
Saturday, June 11 1:30-2:30pm Tony Caramia – Jazzy Students
Children’s Concerts:
Thursday, June 9 9am-10am
Saturday, June 11 9am-10am
Master Classes:
Thursday, June 9 2:00pm-4:00pm Paul Sanchez
Saturday, June 11 10:00am-noon Tony Caramia